At Christ Church with St Philip we love to welcome people into the life of the Church and so, when we baptise someone, we do so in our Sunday morning worship when we are at our most gathered.  With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to affect how we do things our Sunday worship is currently taking place online.

Aware that there may be some people longing to have a family member baptised, we are now open to the possibility of holding standalone Baptism services.   

In short, and in line with current Government guidelines, no more than 6 people can be present, and those attending would have to wear a mask/face covering throughout.  The service itself would be simple and would last no more than 30 minutes.  We would not be allowed to sing.  We do not charge a fee for a Baptism but, given that a) our income is much reduced at present and b) we would need to open especially for such a service (ensuring that all contact points are disinfected etc.) we would kindly suggest that a donation is made to help us in covering our costs.

We appreciate that none of this might sound attractive and that you might just prefer to wait until such time that we can all gather together to celebrate this important occasion with you.  We are happy to wait with you.  If, however, you would like to organise something in the near future, please contact our Church Administrator, Kat, to discuss this further.  As with everything at the moment, any bookings made would be subject to Government guidelines allowing such a service to take place.