Welcome to the Christ Church with St. Philip


Revive is held once a month on the second Sunday from 6.30 – 7.30pm. It caters for all ages… at the last service we had an age range from 2 to approx 80 and all had a good time.
Revive is different from a normal and more traditional service. It’s no less reverent, no less serious in it’s content, no less structured but perhaps by its relaxed atmosphere, its spontaneity, its informality, it may reach people in a different way.
It’s certainly an opportunity to sing a wealth of songs from a number of new and contemporary Christian composers played in a way that they were intended to be played with keyboards, piano, guitars and drums (any other instruments also welcome!)
It’s a way to celebrate in an informal style where dancing to lively songs, waving of streamers etc is encouraged (we have enough streamers for everyone!)
It is appreciated that this more vibrant style of praising is not everyone’s cup of tea but this service is part of our menu of services and is gaining in popularity.
If you haven’t experienced a Revive service before – give it a try – there’s a whole new world of praising our God available – a new approach in a church setting you know. It’s not wrong to have fun whilst praising God or to go home singing a new song.

Those who came to the Revive Pentecost service all did that… they went home having had fun, with a new song in their heads and what’s more they’ve got a brightly coloured windmill to put in their garden or flower box to remind them of God’s spirit every time the wind blows; a presence unseen as the wind.
The photos in the slideshow below are from the Revive Pentecost service. If you are having problems viewing our photo slideshow, then you can see the photos in our online photo gallery instead.